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Model aircraft flying might sound intimidating or even incredibly expensive and many potential hobbyists are discouraged by the risk of investing in an aircraft and crashing it on its maiden flight...  That's precisely why Clubs like JOMAC exist!  Here, new members benefit from experienced instructors, 'buddy-boxing' (which means you have an experienced pilot using a second transmitter during lessons) and a safe environment!  Join today and discover how exhilarating this hobby can be!



Many new members join us, already mentally committed to pursuing the sport in the Club environment. If, however, you’re still not quite sure and don’t want to make the cash investment in an aircraft and membership as yet, then feel free to come join us just as a visitor to inspect the Club facilities, interact with existing Members and watch the flying activities at the field. The benefit of such a look-see-decide visit then also includes the ability to meet some of the Pilots who can assist you in learning to fly, discuss your first plane purchase with them and get invaluable advice and of course get a real sense of what RC flying involves!  Reach out to us today, by filling in the Contact Me form on our Contact Us page to arrange a visit!

SAMAA Membership 

The South African Model Aircraft Association is the governing body for all model aircraft activities and is therefore an inexpensive and mandatory membership required by all enthusiasts. Membership to SAMAA also provides us as pilots with a great insurance policy against accidents and incidents! SAMAA membership is mandatory to fly at any Club in SA and therefore also at JOMAC. 

Although all of us have dreams of tearing up the sky in a Mustang or Jet, like all hobbies, RC flying takes time to master and learn to crawl and then walk, before running.
A good Transmitter

To remotely operate your aircraft a solid wireless data link needs to exist between your hands and the model. Modern digital radio systems use the 2.4Ghz frequency band and are incredibly robust, resistant to interference and provide impressive range despite their compact external antennas.

There are many different reviews available of good, first transmitters and any member of the Club will be more than happy to provide you with advice in guidance on your first purchase!

In order to fly any remotely operated aircraft, a transmitter is a pre-requisite.  In fact, even flying a simulator on a PC is best done with a real-world transmitter.  A good investment here will last a long time!
A Trainer Aircraft

That means that your first plane is likely to be slightly ‘uglier’ than you would like. Having said that though there are so many RTF (ready-to-fly) models with everything you would need in the box available to you as a newbie to the hobby that the excitement of readying your first aircraft for flight, learning about important concepts like CG (center-of-gravity) and ‘trimming’ your plane will quickly rekindle that excitement! Advances in technology also mean that a lot of these planes come with features that are purpose-built to help you to learn to fly.

Although all of us have dreams of tearing up the sky in a Mustang or Jet, like all hobbies, RC flying takes time to master and learn to crawl and then walk, before running.


Joining the Club is super easy!  Simply register on the site and then pick one of two easy payment options.  You can choose to pay monthly (by simply choosing our monthly plan option on the menu above, or choose to pay once off every year (by choosing the annual plans option on the menu).  Remember that you will need your SAMAA number to join the Club!


Become a SAMAA member



Pay your JOMAC membership Fees (monthly or once-off)

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Let us know you're coming and arrange a visit to the Field!



Most veteran RC flyers will tell you that one of the most important factors in  learning to fly RC aircraft is having an experienced pilot to assist you and finding a place to fly that is safe, secure and a convenient place to learn all about this incredible hobby. At JOMAC, we’re fortunate to have both in abundance! While it is possible to learn to fly with the right airplane or heli all by yourself, you are going to have a better chance with the help of an experienced pilot.

Having made the decision to take up the hobby, there are a number of things to know that will make your experience on your first visit to the Club an enjoyable one.  We’re so looking forward to welcoming you at JOMAC that we’ve taken the time to set out a couple of these for you on this page. We hope you find them useful!

First day Preparations

RC flying is an outdoor sport. That means, like with any sport there are a couple of run-of- the-mill things you’ll need to pack on the first day. These include:

  • A Hat or Cap (we have some great branded JOMAC ones!) and Sunglasses;

  • Depending on the weather, a Jacket or warm wear; Older clothes (nitro fuel and Dust tend to ruin those Armani slacks…)

  • Food & refreshments for a good morning outing (bring lots of water!);

  • A roll of toilet paper or paper towels; and of course;

  • Bring your SAMAA membership card;

  • Check the weather! (Learning to fly in 150kph winds will likely NOT make for a great first experience)

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