Samaa Proficiencies

The JOMAC Committe has established a SAMAA Proficiencies portfolio.  The Portfolio is being developed under the experienced supervision of Stavros Michas.  

If you would like to enrol in the program and register for a proficiency, simply click the 'register' button below!  For your convenience, we have also added a link to the SAMAA documentation booklets in our resources section.  Once registered, we will be in contact to share the process and requirements with you. 



The 2021 round of Proficiency Tests have been scheduled for the 5th and 6th of June respectively.


Proficiencies are actually more than just a personal goal, ALL Club members who fly alone or without supervision of a proficient member require at least a Solo proficiency.

This is an important requirement for SAMAA insurance claims as well as the general safety of the Club.  Members are therefore requested to ensure that they register for a proficiency in 2021 if they hold no status above 'Student'.