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Mayday Madness Fly-In – 18 May 2019

IN 2017 the Johannesburg Model Aircraft Club, or JOMAC, had to relocate from the facilities it had occupied for almost 40 years to a brand new, state of the art flying field north of Johannesburg. Boasting a 200m asphalt Runway and fantastic pit complex, the event attracted more than 40 pilots and numerous spectators from across the country.

JOMAC’s Mayday Madness fly-in attracted pilots & spectators from across the country.

Conveniently situated near Northern Farms, JOMAC is within easy reach of most northern suburbs. A recent roads upgrade to the N14 saw the development of a new offramp, making the Club even more accessible to visitors which boosted a tremendous turnout on the day.

Located centrally, JOMAC’s new facilities are conveniently accessible for pilots from most of the Northern Suburbs

Due to its relocation, the Club hasn’t been very visible in recent months, but all  this changed with a bang on the day of the Fly-In! A much larger crowd of spectators and pilots than had been expected turned out to attend the day (blessed with near-perfect weather) and the sky was filled with aircraft of all types and sizes. Fortunately, JOMAC’s large-scale facilities and ample parking, combined with exceptional planning from the JOMAC social committee, meant that the Club could easily accommodate the number of attendees.

Spectators were treated to scale world war 2 replicas, aerobatic flights, RC parachutists and turbine jet displays on the day, not to mention a constant supply of food and drink from the expertly staffed ‘Doolittle Pub’ and stalls set up in the lapa area.

A 200m runway, exceptional pit area, a lapa and plenty of parking contributed to a smooth, well-run event.

Pilots ranged from amateur to professional, with many displays of 3D flying and classic aerobatics delighting the crowd of kids, spouses and friends that attended on the day.

A fantastic DJ kept the atmosphere alive with both local and international music, complemented by the delicious aromas from the lapa area where breakfast rolls, boerewors rolls and other treats were made available to the Club’s guests. Pilots and spectators alike were caught up in a relaxed, festive atmosphere and spent most of the day enjoying the sights, sounds, smells and perfect weather.

A superbly organized and disciplined day allowed pilots and spectators alike to enjoy a relaxed, family-orientated environment supervised personally by the JOMAC committee.

An expertly flown RC Parachutist display thrilled the crowd

Perfectly executed displays of 3D flying, Helicopter stunts, turbine jets and giant-scare aerobatic planes gave festivities a real airshow atmosphere

As the sun set on an exceptional day, activities wound down into lazy slow flights leading into a beautiful sunset after a satisfying day of flying, socialising and good, plain old fun.Revelries carried on well into the late afternoon with relaxed sunset flights closing off the day in photo-perfect style, followed by well-deserved relaxation around the braai in the Lapa area. Many of the guests on the day congratulated the JOMAC committee for an extremely well planned and professionally executed event.

Leading up to this event, the JOMAC committee waived joining fees for 2019 and have invited any up-to-date SAMAA members (of any proficiency level) to fly at the Club during the month of October and to enjoy the Club’s facilities with no landing fees.

The success of the day, the recent waiver of joining fees and the overall festive atmosphere at the Club resulted in quite a few new members joining the Club in the days following the event.

Building on the success of this event, the JOMAC team will be hosting many more such events in the coming months and hope to draw even bigger crowds. The social committee members are already hard at work on improving the menu, increasing the range of beverages on offer and recently even upgraded the Club with additional parking facilities.

JOMAC’s facilities are truly exceptional and the Club hopes to encourage Pilots with any current SAMAA proficiency to visit the club in the coming months.

Prospective members or pilots wishing to visit the Club are invited to contact Jon Hancock on 082 450 6580.

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